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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Videoshot with Vienna rockband Mohandas

In the band's (Mohandas) practice room in Vienna, district 16, we first made shots for the musicvideo to their song "Never". I instructed the band to make the room white. They have a white wall and put a white blanket on the floor. I want to use a effect, the socalled bluebox-effect, to cut out the band from the background and then place the group in a virtual world. I did not want to tell them my plans, because it may happen that it will not work as planned - oh, what a shame. So, surprise, surprise!

Later we recorded an interview with three members of the band, Martin, Matthias and Daniel. The room we took the shot has a very great painting in the background. Dark, sinister, mysterious. As usual I made mistakes, prattle and had a knot in the tongue. But the band was patiently waiting my 10th start.

I asked the band about the bandname, which comes from one of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's first name. And what it's all (hm, what all?) about. It's about taking a glass bourbon and listen to the music. Strange, but they wrote that on their homepage. Cheers, man.

After 3.5 hours I had my material and went off. The band did not play in the room. Sunday (June 13) there will be a concert and I will take a few shots.