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Monday, April 18, 2011

Anti-Obama song at US-songcontest

American songwriting contest in Nashville took notice of my song "Yes we do", which is a protest song against Barack Obama and his policy. I was long thinking if I should dare to publish that song, because many of my listeners and followers are from USA, especially California. Me, a Eurobuddy from Vienna / Austria, stands up against the most powerful man in the world. But then I said to myself: No guts, no glory. Hope they don't send me to Guantanamo when I arrive in Hollywood next week.

Here are the lyrics:

Yes we do

Surfing on success from Hawaii to Washington - what sensation
Triumph, You had a glamorous inauguration
But what is done so far?
See where the plan and where You are

What we need is "Yes we do"
No more "Yes we can"
Because I know that we can

You took up forcefully the baton for administration
Now You are conductor in political orchestration (MC of the White house)
Where have You gone so far?
See where You should be and where You are

What we need...

No more "Yes we can", we have enough
What we need is "Yes we do"
Yes we do!
Your fabulous change movement
Has potential for improvement
Make a change!
Make a change!
Make a change!

Venerable Stockholm hasty honoured You - congratulation
Hungry eyes are waiting for Your problem solving qualification
Now the world has heard
Change is more than a word

What we need...

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

And here are the judges comments:

There are some inventive ideas here. Along with the intriguing wordplay this shows potential! However it's never clear as to what these words are about, or whom "you" person is that the singer is refering to. In order for the listener to relate to the words of this song they would have to have prior knowledge to what you're writing/singing about. This approach doesn't work for those who have no inside knowledge of which these lines refer to.

Ok, maybe I should title the song "Yes we do, Mr. President" and add a "Barack" into the lyrics. I wanted to do so when writing the song, but Barack is a difficult word to use in a verse. I don't nkow any rhyme on that. Well, life is a challenge...

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2 films ViennaCC and the band Unding published

Published an interview with Viennese band UNDING, which was recorded in March 2011. The interview is in German. Themes go around the band's history, new CD and their music.
In the opening I say that I heard something contradictory. In another interview with the bandleader Leo weeks before he said, that he will let UNDING down. And later he said, no he won't let the band down. I used this material in my interview.
And I released a musicvideo I produced with the band. The song is in German too.
The title: Gehtsderwirtschaftgutgehtsunsnochlangenichtgut
Don't look that up in the dictionary. It's about economic crisis. One of our politicians said: Is the economy well, then we all are well up. The band denies. The politician may look at the world from his wainscotted conference room, but the band is looking from their practice room. Protest, protest, protest!