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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lady Smile (electro version) released - free download

Lady Smile, a rocksong, arranged to electro and recorded with synthesizers (except sologuitar and real drums mixed to the back). New experience for me coming from rocksound. I like the industrial brutality, dully roaring sounds, metallic clang & bang. The synthe plays straight, I want it to sound like a machine. In the original recording there is a slower part at the end, not in the industrial version.
YAFD - yet another free download at www.soundcloud.com/viennacc

"A fools' day" - Young and enthusiastic band from Vienna

Young, motivated, talented. "A fools' day", a band from Vienna, play pop with keyboards, drums, bass and singer also plays trumpet. Interesting songs, but the kick is missing. What does that mean? Well, the songs sound nice, pretty well produced, but there are many bands out there producing well done recordings. They have talent and maybe a future. They should develop and there is potential for a career. Pretty nice upcoming band before getting famous. Hope to hear more in future. I think they have plans to start over, because they sing about "Superstar Phenomenon". Let's wish them that they meet their targets.