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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Concert band UNDING

In the evening I went to Venster99, club in Vienna, for a concert of the Viennese band UNDING to make a frew shots for the video I'm going to produce for the band. I already interviewed Leo, guitarplayer and bandleader. I usually produce a short report with interview and a musicvideo for a band to present the band on TV. I met people I know.
The concert, well, a bit too loud for that room. But with beer You make it through the night. They play something between rock and powerpop, a strange style. They plan the release of their next CD in April 2011. Am looking forward this CD.

I wanted to work in the recording studio for new mixes this night. Today we have summertime, so sunday is one hour shorter. But after this concert I have a zizzle in the ear. Or is it a rockworm? No more working. A cocktail from my bar and then a little TV, which is - if not a rockchannel - a soporific for me.

CET / summertime

BOING! Clock shows 2am, but it is 3am in the morning. Summer time is here again - hey, great title for a song, isnt it. But its much later now than it was a moment ago. Am I older now? Or younger? Or does it absolutely not matter in earth dimensions of billion-years?