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Thursday, March 17, 2011

atomic danger

Scenery I designed for film:

I thought its gonna be a great show, when a small packet with surprise inside explodes in the living room. That was before Fukushima. These days I would avoid such allusions.

Cannon-equipped police trucks

First Cannon-equipped police trucks against atomic plant protester and now against atomic plant. What a crazy world!

old news to japan earthquake

dont say: i always knew it...

Lady Smile Remix video

video-scratching with repetition of parts and moves of a remix of my song "Lady Smile".

0:40 my LadySmile-website opens, video-scratch related to the scratch-effects in the song
0:47 left on the big videowall the original LadySmile-video is shown
1:23 overlays of different parts of the video
2:39 searching in Las Vegas, Vienna and Hollywood
2:53 LasVegas casino hotels, but background is Hollywood (look left)
2:57 shaking face. eyes are down and mouth is up. shaking face again, it's alright now.
3:23 face overheating like a teapot
4:00 uuuuh-howling makes the lips to stretch
4:13 the end does not fit to the video. but it is cool enough to cut it in.

the stuff:

2 days left

is this the end of the world? no, keep cool.