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Friday, May 20, 2011

Videoshot with band "Schrenz"

Videoshot with band "Schrenz" in Vienna. Talking about album and band history. And I made a video of one song in the practice room. Very good room there with acoustic insulation.

Schrenz is playing rockmusic with german lyrics. Sure, we made photoshots in the backyard. Start: 7pm, end 10h30pm. And I played a little guitar. Just tried the guitarist's Gibson. Now cutting the material.

Always turn on supertrooper to make a light scene. I never shoot the final moody movie. Because I can work over the clean material and add effects like turn the scene darker and more blue (as I did with the photos). If I shoot dark and blue coloured and later want it more warm (red colour tone) and lighter, it is impossible. Then I can only trash the material and start anew. So, always start clear and clean and add effects later.

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