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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photos Hollywood, a selection with stories

Royal wedding had a big impact on US media. Even a restaurant on Sunset Bvd offering a Wedding event.
Sunset Bvd: It's a man's world. Sex and beer. I got to take this shot.
All under the eyes of the guardans of the law. Is that real? No, it's self exposer waiting for tourists. But these police offers are so charming. every man is impressed.
Every man? There is a guy or should I say a robot talking to people passing by. It's half man, half robot at the Guiness World building on Hollywood Bvd.
Another insteresting shot. Chinese theatre on Hollywood Bvd. Not remarkable? The photo motif not. But I made a picture without tourist buzzing around in droves.
I saw Jim Henson Company on Brea. On top of the entrance there is - it seems so logical - Kermit the frog. I did not enter, there is no museum, there is business obviously.
Movies, big thing in Hollywood. My tip: Visit metro station "Hollywood Vine". There are 2 old projectors. Interesting.
Movies make stars. And stars drive big cars. Oh, it's a superstretch.
And where do stars go? To Beverly Hills. It is not innovative to picture the sign in a front view. But why not taking an alternative shot from behind and against the sun?
Stars in hollywood... Advert is not enough. It must be a photo event for fans. In Kodak center they made up half a ship with Johnny Depp poster. People can go on board and make pictures. There are so many skulls on the ship.

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