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Saturday, August 18, 2018

#Musicproduction: Why Recording Covers Makes Sense

Albums are rarely getting nearly equally as much mileage as they used to. They're still important, but artists are experiencing to produce more music than any other time to hold and fasten using their audiences inside a meaningful way. Writing songs takes time—especially if you would like create something truly great. Solid songwriting can't be rushed. Unfortunately you almost certainly do not have the time to jot down and release consistent stream of great original songs.

#Poetry: Motor Song

Looking for ideas
#Poetry: Motor Song
(Poem by ViennaCC)

Too many people gonna rumble around
How bout that super city engine racing,
Its big, it's wild and it has sound.
And it's more than simple roller skating

Subtitles Can Help - Untertitel können helfen #punchline #satire #pointe

Friday, August 17, 2018

#Musicproduction: How To Start Songwriting

Uncertain just how to start a song?
It's an easy task to feel lost and uninspired with your songwriting sometimes. Staring at a bare page or empty DAW session may be anxiety-inducing. But it's never as awful as it seems. Remember, when it comes to songwriting there's no wrong answers. You just have to pick the right starting place and commit!

Oh So Vain - Oh So Eitel #punchline #satire #pointe

#Musicproduction: ADSR Sample Manager Released - A Free Sample Management Tool For Your DAW #freedownload

ADSR has announced the release of ADSR Sample Manager, a new free software application for MacOS and Windows that makes organizing, finding and auditioning samples simple.
Designed to be the most effective way to access all your samples at once, ADSR Sample Manager keeps your project in the flow while keeping all the action right in your DAW where it should be.

#Musicproduction: ADSR Sample Manager Released - A Free Sample Management Tool For Your DAW #freedownload