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Friday, June 2, 2017

Strokes - Striche #punchline #satire #pointe

Strokes form letters. Letters form words. Words will tell stories that influence life and history. But it is only strokes.

Striche formen Buchstaben. Aus Buchstaben werden Wörter. Wörter werden zu geschichten, die die Geschichte beeinflussen. Aber es sind nur Striche.

#Musicproduction: 2Rule updates SynthTrack to v1.01 #freedownload

SynthTrack is an effect plugin. Applied to audio tracks, this plug-in applies Filter ADSR and LFO effects to synths on flat chords or moving sound waves. With this effect you can create chopping effects to your favorite sounds. It's ideal for creating the typical rhythmic gated pad sounds. With the envelope controlled step sequencer it's even possible to turn your pad sound into a powerful arp-like sequence. This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo.

#Musicproduction: 2Rule updates SynthTrack to v1.01 #freedownload

Music Video "No Evening Without You" Published - Story is witchcraft

In this music video I visit a witch to get healed from love. Thanks to the enchanted Christiane for playing in my video. The song "No Evening Without You" is from the album "Boheme".
A song about loneliness. I first made the lyrics and so it happened that I could not come along with a 4/4 bar. I simply put 3/4 into it. The song has no hit-potential, but I like it. These 3/4 makes it uneven and finally I found out that it expresses a little despair. And that fits well. Mention that there is a variation in the last verse.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

#Photography: Shutter Speed and Aperture

Understanding the relationship between aperture and shutter speed will help you take full advantage of your DSLR, allowing you to have more fun capturing photos. The aperture is the size of the hol…

#Photography: Shutter Speed and Aperture

Women Shopping - Frau beim Einkaufen #punchline #satire #pointe

A woman is shopping like a quantum particle. She was not there nad was not there. But it can be calculated where it must have been. The credit card bill will tell you.

Eine Frau ist beim Einkaufen wie ein Quantenteilchen. Sie war nicht da, war nicht dort. Aber nachträglich kann berechnet werden, wo sie gewesen sein muß. Die Kreditkartenabrechnung sagt alles.

#Photography: Understanding Quality of Light for Photography

To a photographer, light is everything. As educatorJay P. Morgan explains, the manipulation of light doesn’t just affect the way a viewer sees a subject; light controls the emotions of onlookers an…

#Photography: Understanding Quality of Light for Photography