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Thursday, February 2, 2012

One day in Nice

Touring with railway from Cannes to Nice-Ville. Walking down to Promenade des Anglais, British have constructed this boulevard named after them. I pictured the famous hotel Negresco. Same classic style since 1913. Facade is being renovated. Looks like Nice is under construction at all. Construction works with high cranes everywhere, which tower above the houses like giraffes in the savanna. Maybe they accept working now intense with all the dust and noise to have finished when this city will welcome tourists in summer.
Then I found a building I remember from 2001. This building on the let's say beach boulevard now is a casino hotel. In 2001 there was only a facade.

I found the hotel we had holidays in May 2001. It is the Mercury hotel opposite the Notre Dame on Avenue Jean Medicin. It was more warm at that time ;-)

Great visit to old town between Boulevard Jean Jaures, Quai des Estats Unis Capeu and Colline du Chapeau. Small lanes with even smaller shops in there. And everywhere food. Brasserie, Crepes. Small boutiques offer T-shirts, shoes and bijou besides tourist smash like T-shirts "I love Nice". Although houses in this part of town are 4 floors high I don't think that there ever will be sunlight on the streets. I purchased a great tie, a tie that rocks me.

Here I can imagine Nice 200 years ago:
Fat women with aprons and frill decorated blouses carry braided baskets filled with fruits and bread. Banker, noble lords, peasants, beggars and sailors walk in the streets. Singsang and sometimes noise of quarrel from taverns. But late at night romantic glorification is removed by gloomy mood of diffuse violence. Dark lanes between poorly candle-lighted houses, sinister lonesome people with laterns and long knifes under their skirts sneak nearly soundless over the rounded bonebreaking pavingstones. Mediterrenean lifestyle in 19th century.
No fakers in the streets, the one with the coin- or ring-scheme ("Monsieur, is this yours?" and you should not take it).

Via Boulevard Jean Jaures, where a ferry wheel is, back to Avenue Jean Medicin. I do not remember how it was in 2001, but now it is a walking zone without cars and in the middle of the street the tramway goes. Left and right a lot of shops and shopping centers. Very sunny.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shopping in Cannes

Walking on this sunny day in the City of Cannes on Boulevard de la Croisette down to harbour Port Pierre Cator. At the end there is a tower and a woman figure on a rock. The yacht charter services maintain the yachts in these days in cold January.

Then visiting exhibition in Espace Miramar with paintings by a painter named German. In Centre d'Art la Malmaison I saw painting by Ladislas Kijno, some awful, some interesting. Both buildings are at the La Croisette.

This Camembert is made of chocolate - cheezy!
As the year before I went to a Chocolate shop and purchased a Camembert. It looks like cheese, but it is made of chocolate.

Now to Rue d'Antibes, of course more pretty in summer. Even here on this elegant shopping street there are victims of the economic crisis. Some shops, more than one, have selloff because they close down. For tourists all is written in english and sometimes also in french. So I became to know about these problems.

Cigars: I usually smoke Vasco da Gama / Sumatra. The price here 5,50 Euro per pack, 5 cigars inside. In Cologne it was 4,20 and in Vienna 7,00 Euro. Big taxes on tobacco in Austria (is that good or bad?).

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day Midem

Today rain in Cannes. No public transport, no busses in Cannes. Woman in tourism-bureaux said: "because it is raining, possible we have snow". I could not believe what I heard. Is Cannes a third-world-village?

Well, after the last word was spoken, all giveaways given away and beamers are turned off I made a Midem-roundup for me.

Some people I spoke to at Midem:
  • Jack Rubinacci, singer/songwriter from Norway. He handed me a CD and info.
  • Prince Kestamg, musician from Cameroon (wow, what a long way to Midem). When we were shot for the photo he took out his sunglasses. My cynical comment: All for the image!
    Prince Kestamg
  • Daniele Bartels, Napster director, Fankfurt / Germany
  • Charles J Tan, musician working in Singapore and Australia
  • Mayka Mei, Social media expert from San Francisco. I will contact her for sending me the handouts of her presentation. Very interesting.
    Mayka Mei
  • Hyatt Ariel, social media expert, where I had a one-on-one talk after her presentation

The picture was taken on Visionary Monday

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