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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cutting video "Wildstyle & Tattoo"

Cutting video with tv producer Mariam Osman from the video shot on "Wildstyle & Tattoo" in Vienna. See also http://viennacc.blogspot.com/2011/04/tatoo-show-in-vienna.html
The glass, well, let's call it mood utility. I brought a bottle of krymsky champankoye, red Crimean champagne.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filmshot at Tatoo show in Vienna

Freakshow and tatoo-shops at Gasometer in Vienna. I had a filmshot there. I also met the most tatooed man, even in the Guiness book of records. Mariam interviewed him.

Some freaks there, some stereotype people. Tatoos came up in the late 80s. I had my Ed Hardin-tie, what fits well, because Ed Hardin 1996 had a show called "Pierced Hearts and True Love" in New York City, what gave the tatoo-subculture a kick.

The producer-girl Mariam purchased a bodice (corsage). Looks great, yes. camera-girl Olivia also purchased one. Fooling around with Olivia at a Alien-sculpture.


The drumshow was great. The music very rhythmic and on stage 6 drummer where drumming on oil barrels and acrobats performed. After 4 hours we had enough and went off.

On the way home in the sub U3 a girl with two boys sat down near me. She said: hello! I replied: Hi! She thought I came from England, but I said I am a rockmusician from Hollywood. We communicated only in english. When they left the train I said a goodbye in good german and they started to laugh as if they never can stop. The sub left the station and I still could hear them laugh.