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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20130130 Trip to St.Tropez

Eating salmon like every morning. French baguette (white bread) fits well. Hmm, let's enjoy life, only James Bond lives twice.

I know St.Tropez from Louis de Funes - movies. I wanted to see this town.
Louis de Funes played the Gerndarm from St.Tropez. He is a legend as his films are too. (painting sold in the street)

There is no train to St.Tropez. I have to go from Cannes to St.Raphael. Leaving Cannes with local train at 10:55 (10:35 scheduled), train 20 min late. 7 Euro is not much. Arriving in St.raphael at 11:25 (11:14 scheduled).Time for going around in St.Raphael. Walking along the shore, picturing and visiting Notre Dame church. St.Raphael seems to be a small industry town with tourism impact. Not really beautiful. Leaving St.Raphael at 13:00 with bus. 2 Euro one way.

Arriving in St.Tropez at 14:30. What a nice, small town. No hotel castles, small streets with small houses. Very beautiful, even in January. Going to lighthouse and picturing panorama photos, what is very easy with my camera.
Streets of St.Tropez are so full of flair

View to St.Tropez from yacht haven

Nice small streets, old houses

Then walking to the city. what a great scenery for movies. When approaching to Notre Dame church I hear organ music and a coffin is carried out. No need for burial, so moving. All the small streets with Mediterrenean houses: quadratic plan, ocher facade, flat roof. Elegant shops besides artworks handicraft. So many great views to picture. Later returning to Notre Dame church, church closed.
Church Notre Dame in St.Tropez

Short rest in a park where people play Boule.
People playing Boule

No free toilets, not even Pissoir. 50c needed.
2CV and big yacht

Yacht have St.Tropez

16:30 leaving St.tropez with bus. In st.Raphael hurrying to buy tickets. 18:10 leaving St.Raphael with TGV (9.60 euro) and arriving in Cannes at 18:35.

Noticing sunset at 6pm and making plans for next day shooting the sunset at Cote Azur.