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Monday, February 11, 2013

Video MIDEM 2013 @ Cannes finished

Finished my personel video MIDEM 2013 @ Cannes / France

Click here to view video on YouTube

Cannes, glamorous city in france. chic shops in the Rue d'Antibes and Boulevard Croisette, small streets in the old part of Cannes with small tourist shops, restaurants, shoes, perfume and boutiques.
January 2013 26 to 29: MIDEM 2013, annual music industry's event.

Stands from more than 70 countries, Austria included, can be visited, speakers can be heard, connections made. A four day event "for networking, deal-making, learning and concert. MIDEM is the place where music makers, cutting-edge technologies, brands and talent come together. Commenting on the 6,400 attendance, 7% down on 2012, MIDEM director Bruno Crolot noted, attendance this year reflected the current difficult economic climate in certain parts of the world, continued uncertainty as the music industry reinvents its business models and a tightening of public-spending budgets which has impacted on certain national pavillons..." as the MIDEM press release announces.

Music industry has overcome the download shock- I mean Napster and other platforms - and developed new business models.

I found an interesting article in the Billboard. Why Are You Going To MIDEM? by Ed Christman saying: The conference's shrinking attendance reflects the consolidation of the business but also sharpens its focus on new ideas. Ending up that the MIDEM is underestimated as a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences. He concludes with some wise words: If I have a penny and you have a penny and we exchange them, we each still have a penny. But if we exchange ideas, now we each have two ideas.

Reporters with video and photocameras all around. Business talks and shake hands. MIDEM is the place where the future starts.

My first event was listening to Julia Nunes, a US ukelele player, talking about their way to success. She has 50 million youtube views and some albums out but still is unsigned.
At the Basque stand I talked to Aleia. Interesting that this stand is separated from the spain stand. I read in the papers about the Basque separation movement.

Also seen at MIDEM
a silver MINI. What a dream car. a real mirror car.
And there was FORD. Hey, one moment, ford? i went to the representant and asked "what are you doing here? i would expect you to be in detroit" and then he showed me this.
he told me, when he was young he was so impressed by knight rider and now ford has implemented a music station in the automobile that can be controled by a watch on the wrist.
as a james bond fan i asked him if he has the licence to kill. No, he replied, and I don't need it.

NRJ Awards
On saturday evening there was the event "NRJ Awards". NRJ is a french radio station. The crowd started to scream when a boygroup stepped on the red carpet on the stairs of Palais des Festivals. It was "Matt Pokora", a french singer, famous in France. Some kids climbed up a fence to see their stars.

The Russian soul
In the streets I found a shop specialized on russian products. In the window I saw Champagne, caviar and other Russian products.
Russia also was present at MIDEM.
Evdokimov theatre, actually on tour in switzerland, perform shows like "divas", "Halloween", "Cabaret", "Evolution", "Disco", "Fairy Tales" and parody shows where they bring a lot of celebreties on stage, from Egyptian godess to "Lady Gaga". director Denis Boldyrev presented the colourful catalogue. russian events are so glamorous and russian music is so full of emotion.

I was shameless enough to collect cds from the stands. although i only took pop, rock and indie i collected .... see yourself. but it is so interesting to listen to music from blues from norway, k-pop from asia, rock from malaysia, and electronica from switzerland.
and that is not all. I took chocolate:
  • Chocolate from Switzerland
  • from Austria
  • from Lithuania
  • and from Russia
And that's still not all.
  • Green beans and tea from Taiwan
  • Chewing gum called "drumstick" from Germany
  • Not to forget: Rum from Barbados called "Mountain gay rum". Though I am not gay I will drink it.
Express yourself
Papers on the wall where people can write messages on. collective art canalized.

Performances at MIDEM
Countries bring their stars on stage. Here a performance by DJ Spooky together with a female violinist from the Cannes Orchestra.

Rapunzel M.A.P.
From the top floor of palais des festival i heard a voice singing to guitar. And near the entrance to midem a singer performed songs. Rapunzel with long hair. Will she let her hair down for her lover? Anyway, Rapunzel singing live about love and longing for love.

My personel highlight
I met my friend Joey Welz, writer of Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock". We were talking about his past times and with a smile he said, he is a dinosaur. I asked him, T.Rex or raptor? He is over 70, but still working as radio promoter for his company located in Canada. Joey is still rocking aroung the clock.
Rock will never die!

Monday, January 28, 2013

20130128 Legal issues at MIDEM

The morning started with a discussion of GEMA about copyright in Europe. The interesting thing was that industry (Dr. habil. Christian Baierle, Roba Music Publishing) needs a revision of the regulations urgently while politicians (Ansgar Heveling, CDU-politician and member of the German Bundestag; Andy Baum, former Vorstands- & Aufsichtsratsmitglied of AKM / Austria) said that rushing makes no sense. Message on the bottom line: we are willing to work out a solution.
GEMA (Germany) about their compensation system, what is so special and unique.
5: Ansgar Heveling, Member of the German Bundestag;
3: Alexandra Thein, Member of the European Parliament;
6: Andy Baum, Austrian Singer & Songwriter;
1: Dr. habil. Christian Baierle, Roba Music Publishing;
2: Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider, Composer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GEMA;
4: Presenter: Manfred-Gillig Degrave, Editor in Chief, MusikWoche;

I went to the Barbados stand. I opened conversation with the words: "Congratulations to Rihanna!". The representant handled me a USB stick looking like wooden and a little bottle of "Mountain Gay Rum". I asked if I could drink that rum if I am not gay. Laughter and photo. Pleased to meet them.
The afternoon started with attorneys about legal situation of rights management. Interesting for me: interviews. In France, Eric Lauvaux said, a signed agreement for even one sentence is needed. James Kendrick (USA) said, the same in USA. I usually don't let agreements sign. I usually ask people if I can use the interview for tv and online and record their spoken agree. Well, attorneys were shaking heads. I think, signing an agreement for interviews is necessary for big acts.
Barbados is proud of Rihanna

Daniel Glass moderated a discussion about cooperation of agencies and brands. At the end he had an interesting question: In these kind of deals who has the power? Surprising answers: europeans said: attorney, brand, label. Camille Hackney (Atlantic Records, USA) said: it's the audience.
Nice lens flare effect without photoshop in the afternoon sun

Very interesting presentation of K-Pop. After this I went to the Korean stand to get K-Pop music and they handled me an album by KARA, a korean girl band.
K-Pop goes global (l>r): Kellee Maize (USA), Drunken Tiger (South Korea), T Yoon Mirae (South Korea), Bizzy (South Korea)

The day ended up with a performance by DJ Spooky (Miller Paul D.) together with a female violinist from the Cannes Orchestra.
DJ Spooky with violonist from Cannes Orchestra
On top floor of Palais de Festivals

Express yourself at MIDEM