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Monday, April 6, 2020

ViennaCC Publishes Motivation Song "Ride This Crisis Out" To Corona Crisis

The song "Ride This Crisis Out" is a positive song simply saying that we will overcome the crisis.
Two versions of the song are published, an electronic pop and an acoustic version, to reach more people with this positive message.
ViennaCC is a Vienna-based pop/rock/indie music producer, video producer and photographer who started out playing punk, hard rock, and ballroom music. Since 2008 ViennaCC has been producing his music and videos. To date, he has gotten nominated twice in Hollywood as a music producer and received awards and nominations at international film festivals in the music video category.
Homepage: https://viennacc.musicprosite.com/

Pop version


Acoustic version



#Photography: Tips For Black & White Photography

When you look at old prints of photos, you may notice that it isn't in the least perfect. They are overly contrasty, and lack sufficient details. Yet, the nostalgia they invoke is priceless. The truth is, many photographers today work hard to emulate the vintage large format look. With modern equipment and post-processing techniques, it is simple to emulate such looks and also establish your personal style. Photographer Daniel Norton from Adorama demonstrates how you can take gritty white and black portraits inside of a studio:

Astronaut's Saying - Spruch für Astronauten #punchline #satire #pointe

Astronaut's Saying - Spruch für Astronauten #punchline #satire #pointe