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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Event "Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing" at Carnegie Hall, New York City

2019-09-26 to 09-28 Clint Arthur's event "Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing" took place at Carnegie Hall, New York City.

The film festival "The Greatest Show of All Time" was part of this event. I was nominated with my music video "Not My City".
Hi Heinz,Congratulations, your project is an Official Selection of "The Greatest Show of All Time" Film Festival.

Interested speakers about self marketing, I was surrounded by business men. I mean people with serious business, not musicians or film makers. Uff, that sounds so strange to me.

They sent me the invitation and info about nomination on Sept.19. So in wild panic I booked hotel and flights. While I was at the event they sent an email for permission to download my music video. But I could not check my emails and I had no passwords with me and so my video was not shown.

Anyway it was an interesting event with in USA well known speakers talking about entrepreneurship and marketing. Not won, but nevertheless it was worth to visit this interesting three days event.

A few of the speakers:
Clint Arthur
Martha Stewart
Ice-T with Coco Austin
Michael E. Gerber
Dylan Howard

with Martha Stewart
Protected by Men In Black. Mention Barbara Paluszkiewcz right of me, the only female Man in Black in the world. On the other side Ed Bensinger is protecting me.

with Miss Florida

with Princess Maryanne Parker,

#Poetry: To Caroline

Looking for ideas
#Poetry: To Caroline
(Poem by ViennaCC)

I could never have loved anyone
the way I loved you
you and I, always
you and I, for always
I offered you my soul
our souls were joined,

About Death - Über den Tod #punchline #satire #pointe

About Death - Über den Tod #punchline #satire #pointe