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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Club Sound 040 Published - Free Download #freedownload

'Club Sound 040' has a simple message: Keep cool and take it easy.
I recorded it spontaneously and had great fun with it.
Click hear to listen on Soundcloud

#Musicproduction: Microphones

Are you currently trying to find the right sort of microphone for the home studio?
If you do, you could be feeling overwhelmed together with the choices out there. You will find many hundreds of unique variations of microphones out there, and all of them vary widely in price and features.
When I started recording my music, I didnt know anything about microphones. I didnt know what the 3 kinds of microphones were, or what made one type desirable over another. Each will looked good, but I wasn't sure which mic was best for my house studio.
I wish to spare you the irritation of requiring you to wade through a ton of irrelevant information just to find out which microphone is perfect for you. That's why I assembled this information, that could teach you just the significant things you must know about microphones, so that you can result in the right purchasing decision.
Here, you'll learn:
  • what the 3 kinds of microphones are – so you may see which is perfect for your specific recording needs
  • what polar patterns are and which will let you gain a more professional sound in your house studio
  • the advantages and disadvantages of your unique variations of mics and polar patterns – so discover which options is fine best for each recording situation you encounter

This Will Never Die Out - Was niemals ausstirbt #punchline #satire #pointe

This Will Never Die Out - Was niemals ausstirbt #punchline #satire #pointe