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Thursday, April 11, 2019

#Musicproduction: Rookie Tips For Your Music Career

1. Do not let people let you know that you are unable to do something.
Both Steven's and my parents gave us SO much shit about pursuing music for the living. When we listened in their mind, I would be cleaning toilets in a carpet factory. You can get one life. Do whatever you love.
2. Leverage the available tools.
It is not necessary a lot of money to receive started. Know what form of free marketing you can apply to receive your business out there without having to spend a dime. Remember that, you will discover A LOT of great ways to try and do this. Instagram is the most effective ones out there.
3. Don't forget to pay, then re-invest.
So you made $300 on the beat you sold Where did that money go? Achieved it get into your bank account, or did you invest it into some advertising to receive your brand noticed? Or simply new equipment to boost your product quality? Re-investing your revenue is vital -- especially if you are wanting to grow.
4. Center on BRAND and CONTENT first!
When I only say brand, I am not speaking about your cover art. Your brand may be the way people experience you. Do people you as a possible authority inside the scene, or a totally random person on Instagram? And content doesn't mean just your songs. What sort of stuff are people seeing with regards to you IN BETWEEN your song releases? If the correct answer is nothing, there's a reason you're not having any success getting your business out there.
5. Study the best people.
You want undertake a harder time should you be studying how random Dubstep producers market themselves. They mostly suck at marketing next to a person like Gary Vee. The actual is to study great marketers in other niches, then bring whatever you learn back into the music space and then make it your personal!
6. QUALITY is everything.
If you feel you are going to have long-term success without checking out the grind first, you are going undertake a hard time… You should become a pro in the field! Used to do music production and sound design over 7 years before I made any real cash from it.
7. Treat those that have respect.
Stuffed to use an asshole. The golden rule goes a LONG way in networking and branding!

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