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Saturday, March 30, 2019

#Writing: Optimizing Your Press Release

The purpose of search engine marketing (SEO) is to get free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. They all have a somewhat different algorithm, or formula, for ranking sites on the google search results pages (SERPs). But generally speaking, usually there are some methods for writing press release headlines to help boost your odds of entering into the highest spots for the SERPs.

Keywording your headline

Keywords tell the search engines and folks the press release shall be about. They will probably be your company or name brand, and/or something connected with your niche or industry.

Keeping your headline concise

A lot of the search engines limit the volume of characters that report for the SERPs. Strive for between 42 and 60 characters, including letters, spaces, and punctuation to guarantee nothing important gets cut off.

Provide semantic support

Semantic support are words that support the other to help you determine what a webpage is actually about. Engines like google like Google utilize this to be the better choice of content because often words have a couple of meaning, or mean something particular in experience of a specific niche or industry.
For example, the word current can often mean something happening at the moment, or consult the movement of water, gas or electricity.
Use words within the press release to retain the headline. Your headline shouldn't be fluff. It should mean something and fasten with other release.

Here's a recent headline:

Volatile Dow closes up 567 points after the rocky day's trading following Monday's historic drop
The keywords in this article include:
  • Stocks
  • Trading
  • Dow Jones industrial average (DJIA)
  • Volatility
  • Money managers
  • Investors
  • U.S. economy
  • Profits
  • Traders
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Inflation
  • Market correction
Most of these convey details about those actions for the stock market. They feature context for any headline and support it when it comes to the SERPs.
Choosing keywords
For you to do niche research making use of the Google keyword planner for each and every release you plan to issue. https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/
Other useful tools include WordStream https://www.wordstream.com/
and SEMRush https://www.semrush.com/
They're able to help you find keywords you would like and plan each press release headline accordingly. They can also help you are writing the whole press release, using words that should retain the headline.

Branding your business

Brandnames are a quick shortcut to grabbing attention provided that business is well-known and/or the headline is actually interesting. Approximately 300 million pr campaigns are issued within the US alone every day, so it's not easy to get your message across on your target audience.
Think about the words that journalists in your niche or industry search for.
The sort of words you would like your brand to get involving or the complete impression you want to convey.
A well-optimized headline will give you more visibility and free traffic, so invest time to do niche research for each and every press release.

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