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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

#Musicproduction: What About Your Image?

Another key element of advertising and promotion will probably be your image.
Whether it's performance, release artwork, logo or bio, your image is required to be consistent throughout the board.

Men and women accompany your image just as much as your music. Visualize Deadmau5, and I'm using him again because he's such an excellent example.

Deadmau5 has multiple layers to his image. First could be the purely visual aspect involving his Mau5head in addition his album artwork, and extravagant live performances. He's also quite the controversial figure over the internet, calling out popular artists regularly for having no artistic capability or anything along those lines. The love of cars can be portion of his image.

Now, should you go out and you could make your own animal mask, resemble a prick over the internet, and emphasise your desire for exotic cars? No. And you should spending some time contemplating your image. If the music is dark and deep, next press photo of you sitting on the beach warm having a pink shirt on is not going to fit together with a darkened, black & white photo of you standing within the alleyway.

And if your press photo matches your music, then so but if your album artwork and gratifaction style. Should you create and play minimal techno, it's slightly awkward to get jumping top to bottom along with your hands inside air.

Imagine I don't want images?
You'll create one inevitably. Every artist posesses an image whether or not they want it or not. No image remains an image.

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