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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

#Musicproduction: Consider Your Audience

When I made a consignment to being a booming artist (which resulted in me starting EDMProd instead), I made a decision to stop making trance and instead make an increasingly popular type of music. In the end, there's more chance for achievement that has a popular type of music, right?

Not necessarily. In most respects, there's less cash in the genre like breakbeat when compared with deep house, but that does not mean it's not possible to make money in it. In case your goal is to become multi-millionaire, then sure, it is a good idea to cater on the biggest audience.
But catering on the biggest audience is a lot more difficult than people realize. It's saturated. Most people are trying to do exactly the same thing.

Obviously it depends upon the music you love making, but from a marketing perspective, it's easier to start with a narrow audience and branch out as time goes on. Starting that has a narrow audience not merely helps you carve out of the own niche, commemorate a lot more opportunities along the line.

For instance, let's say that you such as groove and dark vibes of techno, but also relish classic progressive house.

Why don't you combine both?

There's certain to be people they like that kind of favor, or people who willenjoy it as soon as they hear it. You'll build a crowd of those who find themselves glad they've found a distinctive artist who combines different components of music together in the fusion that they won't get enough of.
And this is how the chance lies. You begin coming across other artists who make much the same design of music, therefore you start your individual podcast/radio show that has this sort of music. Your fans love it, naturally, as you're curating music how they like. Your radio show gains popularity, which grows your brand even more.

And that's only one example. You might start a label that has the level of music you're renowned for, to make sure that when people hear such music (regardless of who makes it) they associate its style using your label, as well as you as being an artist.

To make this happen with a big audience right from the start is actually difficult. How come a single person follow you rather than another person with a lot more fans? You're attractive to exactly the same audience. Why if and when they listen to your radio show once it heats up features exactly the same tracks as the more popular radio show by another artist?
Begin small and branch out as time goes on.

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