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Sunday, October 7, 2018

#Musicproduction: Tips For Album Release

Streaming is taking over the world. You simply have to take a quick glance at the numbers to view the trend exploding.
CD sales have fallen 80% in the last decade and digital downloads take presctiption a comparable trajectory.
In their place, streaming has surged. Really the only player left in the physical landscape is vinyl.
Which has a futuristic digital medium living alongside a legacy analog format, it's beginning seem like the past and future exist at the exact same time.
Nonetheless that physical formats can easily still teach us a whole lot about how we've learned to concentrate since recorded music went mainstream.
Listed below are six key lessons physical formats can educate us about distribution, and just how musicians can use the theifs to the brave rainforest of streaming.

Song of the day: Return Home

Song of the day: Return Home
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Free Drinks For Sheep - Gratisgetränke für Schafe #punchline #satire #pointe

Free Drinks For Sheep - Gratisgetränke für Schafe #punchline #satire #pointe

#Musicproduction: EQing Kick And Bass

All of us wish we knew how to mix kick and bass perfectly. You would like that rock-solid, powerful cheap that jumps right out of the speakers now don't? Getting the kick and bass right is hard. Bad cheap is probably the most obvious signs that the track has been mixed by an inexperienced engineer. But after a little insight, learning to mix kick and bass properly is simple.
Read some the best way to EQ kick and bass to find the cheap you want to for.
Before we start, the frequencies we've picked read about helpful guidelines to get started. Avoid something even though someone told anyone to, or because “you mostly do it.” Use the information here to assist the EQ settings that suit your unique tracks.