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Monday, August 13, 2018

#Musicproduction: Blue Cat Audio releases "Blue Cat's Free Amp" Plug-in #freedownload

Blue Cat Audio has released Blue Cat's Free Amp, a free guitar amp simulation plug-in.
Using the same modeling technology behind the "Destructor" and "Axiom" software, Blue Cat's Free Amp offers 3 amp models for a wide range of guitar tones: the plug-in can produce pristine clean tones, subtle crunches or heavy distortion depending on the amp model and the settings dialed with the guitar-friendly tone controls. It includes two dozens of factory presets to get started, and additional free presets are available for download on the editor's website.

#Musicproduction: Blue Cat Audio releases "Blue Cat's Free Amp" Plug-in #freedownload

#Musicproduction: Reasons Why You Do Not Sell Music Online

You aren't selling music online? Here possible reasons:
Right now 98% of music producers fail online within the very first year of launching a beats store?
Do you want to be part of that 2% who succeed? I certainly hope so.
Selling beats online is generally simple to do if you stay focused around the core principles of your business interest and don't make exactly the same mistakes since the 98% which have been failing today.

No Pets! - Keine Haustiere! #punchline #satire #pointe