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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Right Words During Sex - Die richtigen Worte beim Sex #punchline #satire #pointe

#Musicproduction: Randy Thom's Tips About Reverb

#Musicproduction: Randy Thom's Tips About Reverb

Falling lacking the ideal match makes the mixer feel like a failure to some degree, so he/she vows silently to at least ensure it's clear that an effort has been made to achieve that match.

In the almost forty years I've been mixing films I've seen and heard and tried all sorts of approaches to processing sounds. As I've said elsewhere, including my little piece on “Tools,” this has been my impression that the longer one mixes, the less processing one does. When you're young and infatuated with the tech tools, they seem to call out to you and beg you to offer them a shot.

#Poetry: Writing You Into My Life

Writing You Into My Life
(Poem by ViennaCC)

I imagine you were wine
Wanna taste you one more time
Close your eyes, smell your hair
Brown, let down, take heart, take care

Dear, can I jump on the pillow
For lovers sake, for nothing more
Only at the end you will know
Was it worth what we were living for

I can still recall that purple dress you wore
And I knew I'd rate you more than "4"
I remember "our" places
Summer love has many faces

It was so straange how it begun
You said to me that birthdays make you cry.
Who'd have thought you'd make it with no clothes on.
Is that the way a haughty lady says goodbye?