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Monday, December 3, 2018

#Poetry: Discover Your Past

Looking for ideas
#Poetry: Discover Your Past
(Poem by ViennaCC)

a bare tide diminishes silently over a cow
a green sand moves boldly over a finger
he boldly kicks water over the cow, right now
she holds the newborrn at her breast so warm
the tall knight throws a spear against a bee
a coarse tide runs slowly to the sea

the glistening cloud walks powerfully to an arm
red elephant's eyes do nothing but stare
she elegantly flies cosmos below her hair
he quickly breaks rock on a star
a dim arm silently plays guitar
she warmly drops ocean below an orb
an organic tide kicks slowly betwixt a dog's bone
the cold otter floats wildly on an arm
the enchanting water falls quickly over a stone
she innocently sweetens orb to a rock
a blind rock flies nervously below the grass
it solemly drops gentle words
a bare moon runs angrily over he horizon
it warmly points finger in the sand
and was gone
and left was none

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