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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#Musicproduction: Drive Traffic To Your Music

Read here about traffic sources for music producers.


YouTube is extremely important right cell phone music promotion and for people, producers, it is certainly easy because all we are related is upload a graphic and also the Beat.
All we are related is upload a graphic and also a Beat and our video is carried out, we doesn't have to be there for hours on end discussing with the camera.
But YouTube is extremely important and a lot of mistakes being expressed by producers, by artists, by plenty of people simply because upload, maybe like 50, 60 videos on YouTube and that no videos are optimized with the YouTube or Google charts.
This is a huge mistake because if you don't have an enormous group of followers, how you think people are likely to find your video on YouTube?
They are certainly not going to obtain the video should your video is not optimized, should your video file is not optimized.
As an example, imagine if you wish to rank for Eminem-type beats.
Your video file should be optimized for Eminem-type beats, your title, your description, also you can add  one of the links in the description, which is extremely important to operate a vehicle traffic to your offer or to your squeeze pages or straight to your music production business.
Note, you have to optimize the description, optimize tags, this is actually important simply because you would like video to rate on YouTube, that's the way you generate traffic back to our own website.
YouTube is rather, vital to operate a vehicle traffic to your website.


Everybody is on Twitter and everybody in the music business is on Twitter, from A&Rs, business producers, from rappers, from record companies, everybody is on Twitter and you never know who's going to visit your tweet, you just need to be standing on Twitter.
With no a Twitter account, climb onto Twitter, open your and start building your group of fans and there is a lot of automatic twitter tools to choose from which can be used to write tweets automatically.
That must be we use, we usually post tweets every hour and this can be great because it's not necessary to be on Twitter everyday looking to post your music links.
So Twitter is extremely important they are driving traffic on your website. Like I said, it is possible to drive the traffic to squeeze pages, on your Beats, on your offers, etc.

Article Marketing

Next is old school traffic strategies.
A lot of people say article advertising is dead and I don't believe that.
Article promotion will be as strong as ever, it's just people got lazy.
We at Traffic For Beats and 2TheMillBeats.com, we take one easy article that we are outsourced by Iwriter and then we basically triple our traffic off just one article because we repurpose that article to YouTube videos, to Power Point presentations, to PDF files, etc.
So this really is important.
It may sound like a lot of work, but when you're ready to put in the work to make a very good music production internet business, you'll carry out the work.


Forums, your targeted sector is in forums.
If you're a producer, go to Sound Click Forums, go to Future Producers Forums and just build a relationship with all the people there.
Just don't go up in there selling your Beats, it's important to provide value for everyone in there, all the producers in there and they'll likely click in your signature link, very important.
It's an old school traffic source, however it works.

Facebook ads

This right here is the cream of the crop right now.
Facebook ads is very efficient right now.
You can actually build all of your business through Facebook ads, but you need to understand how to showcase your ads, how you can build your ads, what audience are you currently targeting, you need to understand that just before getting into Facebook because you could possibly lose money.
You are likely to throw money away testing and tracking, so maybe you create a billboard, perhaps a $100 ad.
Maybe $50 of this budget you are likely to waste, you just aren't going to get your money back, because you're going to need to test and track, you're going to need to know what's working, what's converting, and what's not.
You need to understand what images increasingly becoming the best clicks, etc.  Facebook ads are very efficient right now.

Email Marketing

E mail marketing is so powerful.
You should focus 95% of your small business in building your email list. We use aweber to help us manage our list but imagine you've 10,000 subscribers, 20,000 subscribers, once you have a Beat sale, all you want do is send an email.
But if your Beats are hot, you're going to make sales, build that list and gives value in your subscribers is very, crucial, because if you constructor your list with YouTube, with Twitter, with all the old school traffic like article marketing...
or forums, Facebook ads, you keep building that list plus there is going to come a moment you do not even need YouTube, Twitter and article advertising, forums, Facebook ads, you just aren't even want to that because you have already a big group of fans of those who find themselves thinking about Beats, interested within you since you provide a worth for him or her and it is especially important, you can just mail an email and—boom—sales, sales come in. You can do internet marketing here, that you can do everything on this email.

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