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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

#Songwriting Tip - Make Your Lyrics Come Alive

#Songwriting Tip - Make Your Lyrics Come Alive

Every successful song has a theme; oahu is the emotional message in the middle of the song. I like to call it the "core idea." It's the central thought, the theory around which the complete song revolves.

Folk singer with a love song

A large amount of successful songs - really, a majority - are built around love and relationship themes: I really like you. You never love me. Your love saved me. You cheated. I'm jealous. I don't love you anymore. We're soulmates. You take me for granted. I miss you.

These are ideas that songwriters visit over and over again. For example, many songs has been written on the theme, "Don't take love for granted." Because listeners have heard this theme frequently, they're likely to tune it out, particularly when the lyric uses familiar phrases they've heard before.

So, if you wish to reveal this idea, you will need to find a method to create it your, make it compelling, intriguing, fresh, as though listeners are hearing it for the initial time.

A great exemplory instance of popular song based on this theme is Meghan Trainor's "Like I'm Gonna Lose You." Watch the video here.

In this lyric, we're reminded that individuals should not assume love will always be there, that life itself is fleeting, and sometimes separation can't be avoided.

Her message is serious: "I'm grateful that I've your love in this moment because I understand we may not be here tomorrow." There is a feeling of urgency, of mortality.

Mortality isn't a concept we usually associate with love relationships, so it provides this song's theme a unique emotional slant. Listeners are probably be intrigued, perhaps stop and consider their particular relationships. This really is what you, as a songwriter, want them to do!

Ho to get themes

You can find great core ideas (themes) all over you. The first place to appear is your own life experience. Think of something that's happened to you or an emotion you've felt that you wish to write about.

Or… Make note of some ideas from your preferred films, TV shows or novels. These are full of compelling themes. Should they weren't, we wouldn't have Bestseller Lists and hit TV shows.

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