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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#Photography: Where To Find Shots On The Road

The most straightforward answer compared to that question would be: "Obtaining the camera with you all the time". Which obvious as it may sound is not necessarily the absolute most easy thing to do.

If you're driving, throwing your gear bag on the trunk seat is easy. But imagine if you're simply walking? Then carrying a bulky backpack high in lenses and gear is nearly funny. And should you use your iPhone? No. I'm using my iPhone for doing panoramas but otherwise a phone is not really a camera, it is a phone.

Of course phone manufacturers will argue that the cameras in the phones are another big thing after internet stocks but... they aren't. I use a phone only for quick shots, nothing special. Maybe good enough for a quick social media posting, throwing something out like fire and forget.

Just to emphasise our experience regarding taking shots while on the road. And that revolves around one bold decision. To dump my full frame DSLR gear and jump in to the mirrorless boat. Olympus boat, to be more precise.

And that allowed me not merely to have my camera with me all the time thanks to the reduced size and weight but in addition to utilize lenses which are Goliaths in the DSLR world. For instance I'm using a 75-300mm lens which means 150-600mm in DSLR standard. Only this lens weights 400g and is tiny compared with the DSLR counterpart which weighs 2kg and has a dimension of a telescope.

And those lenses combined with the top of the line Olympus EM-1 Mark II provided me not merely with a tiny package with incredible image quality but in addition with some powerful and amazing features which I just couldn't consider back in the DSLR days. One of my passions (apart from taking photos) is walking. I'm finding all kinds of trails in the hills and mountains and naturally I'm taking the camera with me.

I usually carry 2 lenses, one standard 12-40 f:2.8 (24-80 in DSLR terms) and that 75-300mm tele. That will be pretty slow, obviously but since I'm walking mostly on sunny days it doesn't matter. (ignore my photo I shot at midnight in Vienna)

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