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Monday, June 25, 2018

#Musicproduction: Don't Forget About Fundamental Skills

Everybody wants to learn how to do the cool stuff.

A fresh martial artist wants to master the fancy spinning kicks rather than the fundamentals.

A fresh skateboarder wants to discover ways to kickflip before learning how to ollie.

And new producers desire to discover ways to make complex, impressive sounding basses before learning how to publish chords.

Fancy techniques aren't dangerous. They add to your repertoire of tools and ideas. But they're the last thing you wish to focus on as a new producer.

As a new producer, you will need to develop fundamental skills.
  • You'll need to discover ways to write good chord progressions and melodies.
  • You need to know how to prepare a track in a way that keeps the listener engaged
  • You need to know how to program a good drum pattern
  • You need to know basic mixing skills which means your track sounds clear and punchy.
You will discover, also, that if you learn the fundamentals, fancy techniques is likely to make sense for you because they have a basis to rest on.

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