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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#Musicproduction: #Songwriting Workflow - #KnowHow

Take a good line.
  1. Starting with a line of an existing poem, which acts as a catalyst for a new poem.
  2. Alternate expansion and reduction into tight forms.
  3. Avoiding the predictable.

Lyrics have a 'singing' quality about the verse, and we need to strike such a note immediately. One way is to take a not-very-good poem (our own or someone else's), and improve on a passable line.
  1. Create Versions of the best line
  2. Create jottings suggested by best line
  3. Extract the themes
  4. Polish up one song lyric
  5. Continue with the song lyrics
  6. Delete and add
  7. Analyze and - if necessary - rewrite

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