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Thursday, May 17, 2018

#Musicproduction: Cheerleader' Hitwriter Doesn't Know How To Make A Hit - What ????

Omi's'Cheerleader'was officially hailed since the'Song Of The Summer'in 2015 by Billboard. The globally hit song was followed by the catchy track'Hula hoop ', nevertheless the Jamaican singer says he doesn't learn how to write hit songs and it is not his job to complete so.Omi's'Cheerleader'to have Indian version.

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi's daughter Kaveri Kapur will create a cover version of Jamaican singer Omi's hit song'Cheerleader '.

Chartbusters generally don't get honoured with the prestigious golden gramophone -Grammy awards. This holds true for'Cheerleader'as well, that reigned on the music charts for weeks.

Asked about the snub, Omi said "Honours and accolades are good. And by right, if somebody is deserving an award, should obtain it, but numbers speak for themselves... what you would rather have? These numbers can show in your bank account."

Did he have the pressure to deliver another successful number following the monster hit'Cheerleader '?

"No. I could not attempt to write a winner song. I don't learn how to write a winner song... if the song is a flop or how fans will receive it... I don't attempt to constrain myself.

"That's not my job. My job as an artist is usually to be creative and express my art in the manner I learn how to," he said.

So what inspires him to publish songs?

"I tune in to other artistes... their music. There are many inspirations you can get... musically and lyrically. I observe the lives of other people because I can only live so much. That's type of my formula," he said.

He doesn't "necessarily" follow a specific artiste but he says he includes a "compilation of (songs of) artistes that I truly look up to and admire ".

In fact, the singer, who'd joined forces with talents like Shaggy and Taylor Swift, enjoys collaborating with other artistes as he feels their voices give "another perspective" to the songs.

He also worked with German DJ Felix Jaehn on'Cheerleader ', which originally released in 2012. It had been the remixed version that became so big in various countries, including India.

Could it be more profitable to have a remake rather than an original?

"The original can be the original. There wouldn't function as the birth of remixes if there weren't originals. So individuals have to give respect to the original. However, music is universal and if elements are added which add value and reach to the song, then we shouldn't prevent it. I am happy with the input of Felix," said Omi.

Is he ready to accept doing more versions of'Cheerleader '?

"Of course. If you have another element to be added that'll make the song better or have a better reach, then you will want to?"

And it turns out that filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi's daughter Kaveri Kapur will produce a cover version of'Cheerleader'-a decision that has been made when Omi visited India last month for his debut multi-city tour. "We (people in Jamaica) have a lot of Indian people residing in our country, so we have an experience (of the culture) but to come here, it's an honour," he said. He didn't speak much about his second album, but said: "Yes, most definitely (I will collaborate with artistes). I don't want to give away anything until it's confirmed. I am almost certain that there will be a collaboration on the album and then you will find others that'll be released as singles."