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Monday, April 9, 2018

#DowJones - Chart Analysis Of Actual Situation

The US indices were (again) extremely volatile this week, with no new signals. It is evident the likelihood of volatile sideways phases out.

The Dow Jones is "capped" at the top by the downtrend and the EMA50 in particular. A horizontal resistance zone extends from 24,460 to 24,660 points.

He is supported by the medium to long-term uptrend and the EMA200 and by the lows at 23,500 - 23,360 points.

Consequently, a persistent, volatile (converging) sideways phase between the uptrend and downtrend, or between EMA50 and EMA200, between 24,660 and 23,360 points is the shortest likely scenario.

Sustainable outbreaks up or down should have a significant signal effect.

By the way, the German stock market looks much better.