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Friday, July 21, 2017

#Photography: 4 Ways To Earn Side Money As An Amateur Photographer

Let’s face it, photography can be a pretty expensive hobby. And as your skills improve (and your wishlist grows), you may find yourself wondering if you can start earning back some of the money you put into it. The bad news is, we live in a time of widespread technology, which means, just about everyone is capable of taking at least half ay decent photos. The photography job market is shrinking by the day, and it’s becoming harder and harder to earn a full time living off the art.
The bad news is,...

#Photography: 4 Ways To Earn Side Money As An Amateur Photographer

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science / Miami

Was today in the newly opened Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Buses with schoolchildren. At the experiments there always a turmoil.

I sat down in the museum park and put suncream on. Spectacular landing of a seaplane.

As I finished with the suncream a heavy thunderstorm came over Miami. Lightning in 1 km distance.
The Metromover train is almost no longer visible. You cannot see the skyscrapers behind.

No one wanted to seesaw at that wet weather. But it was not cold. Despite the rain pleasant 25C (I guess).

In the supermarket I mistakenly pushed a woman. Have said "Sorry, I did not want to trump you". She laughed. This is my statement to the US president.

War heute im neu eröffneten Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Busweise wurden da Schulkinder angekarrt. Das war natürlich bei den Experimenten immer ein Tumult.

Habe mich im Museum Park niedergelassen und Sonnencreme aufgetragen. Spektakulär die Landung eines Wasserflugzeugs.

Kaum war ich fertig mit der Sonnencreme hat es zugezogen und dann ist ein schweres Gewitter über Miami niedergegangen. Blitze haben in 1 km Entfernung eingeschlagen, also gar nicht weit entfernt.
Die Metromover-Bahn ist fast nicht mehr zu sehen. Die Hochhäuser dahinter eh nicht.

Bei dem Sauwetter wollte keiner schaukeln. Kalt wars übrigens nicht. Trotz Regen angenehme 25C (schätze ich).

Im Supermarkt habe ich irrtümlich eine Frau angestoßen. Habe gesagt "Sorry, I did not want to trump you". Die hat gelacht. Sag das mal bei uns "Tschuldigung, wollte Sie nicht anBellen".

About Bands - Über Bands #punchline #satire #pointe

A too early broke up band is bad. Worse is a too early reunion.
Eine zu früh aufgelöste Band ist traurig. Schlimm ist eine zu früh wiederkehrende.

#Photography: 3 Habits Professional Photographers All Have In Common

It’s difficult to lump all professional photographers together and see all the things they’ve done to achieve the success they’ve found. Everyone’s story is bound to be different, just like with any aspect of life. However, the very best photographers do have a few things in common. It usually has to do with their work ethic and mindset. For example, here’s a few things the pros almost always have in common with one another…

#Photography: 3 Habits Professional Photographers All Have In Common