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Monday, June 12, 2017

#Musicproduction: Brainworx and Plugin Alliance release bx_subfilter - Free Plugin for Mac & Win #freedownload

This free plugin will be added to your account automatically when you join Plugin Alliance. If you already have an account you can download and start using this plugin today.
Polishing your mix’s low end can be tricky. Bass DI tracks can sound mushy, and kick tracks can lose their “pop.” Sometimes everything below 100Hz can become such an undifferentiated soup of noise that you just don’t know where to start! Start here: The bx_subfilter is just the ticket for adding clarity and definition to tracks that have troublesome low frequencies. There are lots of expensive and complicated EQ plugins out there, but when it comes to shaping your low end, the bx_subfilter is unique for its ease and simplicity. With just a few quick adjustments to its four-knob interface, you can breathe new life into those 808s that have been muddying your mix.

What Studies Tell Us - Was uns Studien erzählen #punchline #satire #pointe

Modern studies often tell us things that we already know, but now, scientifically underpinned, believe it. E.g. Nutrition is individual. Or: Humans are determined by genes and environment / education. Or: the lint filter contains surprises.
Moderne Studien erzählen uns oft Dinge, die wir schon längst wissen, aber jetzt erst, weil wissenschaftlich untermauert, glauben. z.B. Ernährung ist individuell. Oder: Der Mensch wird determiniert von Genen und Umfeld / Erziehung. Oder: Das Flusensieb enthält Überraschungen.

#Photoshop: How to Create an Epic Scene of Alien Invasion - Tutorial

Create a fragment of an epic scene of an alien invasion! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a realistic landscape with the effects of battle and attacking aliens. You will learn intere…

#Photoshop: How to Create an Epic Scene of Alien Invasion - Tutorial