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Friday, January 20, 2017

#Photoshop: Chrome Effect - Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a chrome effect in Photoshop using just layer styles. The whole process is very simple but it might require some weaking and a little bit of time.

#Photoshop: Chrome Effect - Tutorial

Listen to album "Boheme" via Spotify - #new #indie #rock

New Music Video "Girl To Meet" by ViennaCC in the Style of #MannequinChallenge

Music video in the Style of Mannequin Challenge. I invert reality as all figures and objects (like autobus) do not move, only the usually static picture in a newspaper is an animation.
A story happened in Vienna. I was sitting in a coffee house on a thonet chair. Through the window I saw an interesting woman. Unfortunately she took the bus and she was gone. But the story had a happy end. Fate?
Song page Girl To Meet
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Girl To Meet

I'm sitting back in old cafe
And give a cake a try
Window seat, the bus outside
Watching people walking by
But suddenly I see what I have never seen before
Something leaps into my mind

Girl, she is the only one I need
Oh, oh, oh
And she's a kind of girl I'd like to meet

I'm getting up, my cup in hands,
From my wooden Thonet chair
I try to make my presence felt
With hands right in the air
But suddenly the city bus is stopping nearby her
And there goes hope and dream

Deep in thought I think a lot
My life just goes to pot
And after pay I trot away
Today is not my day
But suddenly I hear a voice from someone in the door
For asking me the way

Girl, you are the only one I need
Oh, oh, oh
And you're the kind of girl I'd like to meet

A Man Says - Ein Mann sagt… #punchline #satire

Typical man's sentence: That was offside! Not me. I have no idea of football. So this assumption is typically offside.
Typischer Männersatz: Das war abseits! Nicht bei mir. Ich hab keine Ahnung von Fußball. Also ist diese Unterstellung typisch abseits.

#Photoshop: How to Create a Mysterious Matte Painting Landscape

Learn how to create this beautiful mountain landscape in Photoshop. This tutorial shows how to develop a amazing and meditative landscape of the mysterious East theme out of a plain background usin…

#Photoshop: How to Create a Mysterious Matte Painting Landscape