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Saturday, December 9, 2017

International Film Festival Milan 2017

Awarded at International Film Festival Milan 2017 for Best Editing of a Short Movie.

My short report about International Film Festival Milan 2017 with interviews with managers. http://www.filmfestinternational.com/

Festival at Novotel / Milan November 25, 2017 to December 2, 2017. The days before gala films were shown in 3 rooms. My film was shown on thursday, November 30 in room 3. I was not present. I simply have overseen and thought that my film was not shown.
Gala dinner was on December 2. We had lamb steak, wine, sweet, coffee,...
I left at midnight because my hotel was in the south of the inner city of Milan while Novotel is norh the inner city.


with award

Gala dinner - awarded and drunk

 With Anna Fishbeyn:

Anna is producer and actress. Her film "Invisible Alice" is a funny short film with the typical Russian soul. Anna is full of emotion and wants to sing. Her mama wants her to get married, but to a man with money. Typical Russian mama.

With Reem Al-Bayyat: 

With Jimmy Dinh: 

Jimmy produced the film "You Have a Nice Flight" and plays the main role. A Vietnamese man (jimmy is Vietnamese, but lives and works in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles) needs to get home. But that's not easy. A lot of troubles are waiting on the airport. Jimmy plays with cliches about Asian people (small, always friendly, big luggage, spicy smelling food) and US (harsh security, stewardesses executing rules - Americans love rules and regulations). Very funny. I often said to myself: Oh, yes, that's the way they are. Here the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aeO0Bsc1gI

Here my awarded music video

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