Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Midem in Cannes June 6-9, 2017, report - #midem

Read my personel report about Midem 2017 on June 6-9 at Palais des Festivals in Cannes / France. 4 days conferences, music events with DJs and bands and great weather.

June 6

Be cool at Midem
Interesting speakers and events. This time the Midem took place in the Main building of Palais des Festivals.
Miky Mishmash and Alec Ness

Again I met friends. Miky Mishmash and Alec Ness

Rosemary Spiten is so active. She showed me her impressive new music video. It is not online and will be put public a few days later. Due low connection speed YouTube played it in a "middle" quality. Rosy was so unpleased with that. She showed me a raw cut on her pc telling me that the original video is in same quality. For a meeting she wants the video in a good quality. I helped her with a download service for YouTube-videos. but it did not finish download.

In the eventing there were bands playing on a beach stage at Majestic Hotel.

Jake Isaac

Jake Isaac, Majestic Beach Stage Good Britpop with melodies and good arrangements. The woman on keyboard and guitar was great.



XXX (that's the Name of the band), Majestic Beach Stage. A hiphop group from South Korea. I did not really like what they did and so I went off.

Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting

Another band from UK at Majestic Beach Stage. Reminds me on Muse. It was more a movie show with a film music band playing to the pictures. Most of the music is what I would call shoegaze. I liked it.


Yet another hiphop at Majestic Beach Stage. Not my music.

June 7

On the Roof of Palais des Festivals
At the entrance there was a check like at airport. No wonder after all this terror, even in Nice. Before eletronic body scan the woman asked me for metal in my pockets: phone, keys, money? Indignantly I replied: No money, I'm musician!

A day full of conferences. At night I was so tired, I fell into bed.

June 8

Conferences at Midem. Some others are tired too and take a rest in Palais des Festivals.
Special guest star Daddy Yankee (right)

Special guest star was Daddy Yankee. Singing the typical Latino music cliche. Later I heard that he is No1 in Billboard.
Take a rest at Midem

In the evening in Palais des Festivals Grande Auditorium the band Mandoki Soulmates, formed by Leslie Mandoki, played. All star band with Chris Thompson (Manfred 'Mann's Earth Band), Klaus Doldinger, Midge Ure (Ultravox), Melanie C (Spice Girls), Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Tony Carey (Rainbow), and more. Great versions of "Blinded by the light" and Ultravox-songs. But Mandoki's songs were too pathetic and cliche. Forseeable meodies and standard lyrics. Finally the 5000th version of "Smoke on the water" is too much. Great musicians, great sound, but old men play old Music.

Leslie Mandoki

Later I went to Majestic Hotel Beach with two stages. I saw DJ Questionmark from Taiwan and Acid Arab.
DJ Questionmark

Acid Arab

June 9

Last day Midem. Only three conferences. The last event ("How to get airplay on the radio") was so interesting that it did not end at (planned) 12h30 but at 13h. Here a picture how Chris Price from BBC1 sees the evolution of human.

Then hotel and rest a while.