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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Music Video "Red Devil Woman" Released

She was so amazing, so extraordinary. True story. She had long and red hair. She was slim. She was looking so damned good. And she knew how to make love. Always exciting. To tell more would be X-rated. I wanted to make a song about this woman.


Red Devil Woman

She is a red devil woman
She treats me like noone did before

She is pretty, she is smart
She has something of art - or even magic
She has fire in her hair
Waving softly in the air - red and long and curly
She is part of all my dreams
Wishful phantasy it seems
24 hours a day

At the first time we met
She was smoking cigarette - like a diva
She asked me for a light
And in the following night - she lit my fire
In the morning she was gone
With the early-rising sun
But she stayed here in my mind

In the evening I returned
To the place I later termed - the pub of love
I had a tasty, flavoured tea
Maybe two or maybe three - I wished it was a tea for two
Many people came along
But she was not among
And I ordered more and more

Where is the red devil woman
To treat me like noone did before

After hours waiting still
I received a heavy bill - it was at closing time
When my hand goes in the coat
To get my money out - I found something not from me
Then I felt a quiet bliss
There was a paper with a kiss
And discreet an email-address