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Thursday, January 12, 2017

#Photography: Soften Your Light Without Using Modifiers

Light modifiers are great. They can make a small light source appear larger. They can make hard light appear soft. They can even focus light down to a narrow shaft of light. However, when you are shooting outdoors, light modifiers, such as umbrellas, can quickly become cumbersome, as they turn your light stand into a sail when the wind picks up. Unless you have an assistant or two to lend a hand, carrying sandbags to anchor your light(s) is not an easy task. This tutorial will lead you through how to balance a hard light source with the ambient light to soften the appearance of your light. Note that I am not claiming that this is soft light; merely that it appears softer when balanced with the ambient light. If you have the luxury of an assistant to carry or hold all your gear, by all means use your softboxes and umbrellas.

#Photography: Soften Your Light Without Using Modifiers

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