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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#Photography: Tokyo Street Photography Tips & Techniques

Why only Tokyo? These tips can help in any location. I took this picture "The smoker and his future" in Hollywood. Visit my street photography collection.

Dave Powell didn’t always have an eye or interest in photography. However, when his profession led him to Tokyo—approximately 6700 miles from his hometown—he found himself suddenly seeking a creati…

#Photography: Tokyo Street Photography Tips & Techniques

Song of the day: I saw you and I thought...

Song of the day: I saw you and I thought I want to be with you, I saw you and I thought: what can I do http://www.vienna.cc/kunst/songs/song_say_yes.htm

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Learning - Lernen

If we really learn for life and not for school, why do we learn so many useless things? Latin vocabolary, Standards for Screwdrivers, Agriculture in Angola, ...
Wenn wir wirklich für das Leben und nicht für die Schule lernen, warum lernen wir dann so viele unnütze Dinge? Lateinvokabel, Schraubennormen, Landwirtschaft in Angola,…

#Musicproduction: Airwindows releases Density Saturation Plug-in #freedownload

This one started a lot. The algorithm used here has echoed through many other Airwindows plugins. It's literally the smoothest saturation you can have in a plugin: the transfer function's a sine. This is what's in Channel, too: there are many ways to adapt such a simple mathematical function.
Density runs multiple stages, allowing it to bulk up the tone into an overblown, insanely fat and saturated distort-fest. And then you can highpass just the distorted stuff alone, and trim its output gain, and mix it with the unfiltered dry to produce lots of tonal possibilities. And then there's the spatial positioning factor: saturating stuff this way brings it forward in the mix. You can also isolate midrangey elements and bring them forward using that trick.