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Friday, September 23, 2016

#Photography: 23 Street Photography Tips For Your Next Photo Walk

The Cooperative of Photography​ (COOPH) teamed up with Switzerland-based Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard as he hits the streets of Salzburg to demonstrate some of the techniques he uses to be a true ninja street photographer. Leuthard arms himself with a discreet Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II mirrorless camera to capture the essence of everyday life as it happens on public streets.Aimed at helping aspiring photographers, who are looking to bolster their Instagram following with some sweet street images, this video runs through 23 tips to consider the next time you're out on a photo walk.

#Photography: 23 Street Photography Tips For Your Next Photo Walk

Book keeping vs cost accounting - Buchhaltung kontra Kostenrechnung

Difference between book keeping and cost accounting: The books must be correct, cost accounting must be true.
Unterschied zwischen Buchhaltung und Kostenrechnung: Die Buchhaltung muß stimmen, die Kostenrechnung muß wahr sein.

#Photoshop: How to Create a Desolate Waste Land Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a desolate landscape photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.
First, we'll build the basic scene using a sky and a road images. Later, we'll add the cracks, the car, and the signs using adjustment layers, masking, and brushes. After that, we'll add some birds and make the main light source. Finally, we'll use several adjustment layers to complete the final result.

#Photoshop: How to Create a Desolate Waste Land Photo Manipulation

Song of the day: What will you say?

Song of the day: What will you say? What will you say? http://www.vienna.cc/kunst/songs/song_say_yes.htm

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#Photography: 5 Fundamental Tips for Taking Better Mobile Photos

New York City—Brooklyn, in particular—is nothing if not visually stimulating: a photographer’s playground crammed with culture and creativity in every nook and cranny. Jaime Rojo knows this well. As co-founder and editor of photography at BrooklynStreetArt.com, as well as a regular columnist for The Huffington Post, Jaime captures the spirit of city living by sharing images of his surroundings – public art, urban landmarks and other captivating visual trends. His skills have taken him around the globe, but Brooklyn is home.

#Photography: 5 Fundamental Tips for Taking Better Mobile Photos