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Monday, December 19, 2016

New Music Video Released: ViennaCC - Moody Tuesday Blues

New music video released Dec. 16, 2016. The song "Moody Tuesday Blues" is from album "Boheme", which was released in autumn 2016.

Personel note

I tried to imitate the Rolling Stones, but recorded this tune before(!) they released their blues Album.


On a tuesday I was hanging around and felt so moody. And the words started to flow... I worked over this spontaneous output, but not too much. I did not want to destroy the Feeling in the lyrics.
I like most the scenes with the girl with the red umbrella walking in the gray street. Fine contrast.
And yes, I play the singer and the guitar player, because on the recording I play the guitar solo.
By the way: I wanted to prove that I can play blues too. And it sounds so European.

Moody Tuesday Blues

It was a rainy day
And anyway
I had to stay
At home

Sudden someone called
A someone old
I had to hold
The line

And I remember it like it was yesterday

But it was long ago
I only know
That I was so

And someone came
And called my name
There was a flame
Of love

And I was wishing it is burning a long, long time

So, son
Keep your shirt on
If the moment is gone
There'll be no other one

I fall asleep
So very deep
And dreams creep
In my brain

But I will forget
Who I have met
The dreams I had

I won't remember it the morning after

And in my bed
I dig my head
For dreams I had
To see

Sometimes there is fear
So very near
So very clear
To me

And I remember it but it was only laughter


And time is passing by
You're asking why
I cannot lie
To you

You see what's in the light, but not what's in the depth of night

I cannot understand
What's heaven planned
It's called the hand
Of fate

There's only one to-do
For me and you
What we can do
Is wait

Don't you rack your brain, what would, what may and might


Music and lyrics: Henk Freytag
Registered at ASCAP
ISRC: ATI241600009

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