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Friday, October 28, 2016

#Photography: High Dynamic Range (HDR): A Useful Photographic Tool

I used Photomatix. Here a list of HDR software. Now I use Photoshop because I simply have this software.

This photo was taken on a sunny day. Cannes - HDR picture
The castle was ok, but the plants in the foreground were too dark. No problem with HDR. You take 3 or 5 pictures and put it together. The only problem could be wind. If leaves are moving there are ghost objects in the final picture. The same like a person is walking through the picture while you take the shots.

There is some controversy about using HDR. This stems from the presentation of some HDR images done badly and the somewhat difficult processing of the image for the average photographer to get the desired results.

#Photography: High Dynamic Range (HDR): A Useful Photographic Tool