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Friday, January 22, 2016

Report: Using Social Media Networks to Build Relationships and Boost Sales

Deliver amazing customer experiences.
Glengarry Glen Ross is an amazing film, and I had a lot of fun with one of my favorite teams riffing on the famous Alec Baldwin scene as inspiration for naming this ebook. That being said, a lot has changed in sales since the fictitious burglary of the leads in that Chicago real estate office.
In the dot-com boom, we focused on using technology to drive down costs, extend reach, and grow businesses. We were very successful, but ended up with businesses that were transactional. Today, social is a new part of our lives, something that puts a human element back into business in a way that scales beyond face-to-face interactions. Sales teams have an unprecedented opportunity to reach more would-be customers than ever, and the way we sell will never be the same.
This first ebook on social listening for sales also accompanies the launch of Microsoft Social Listening and Social Insights, powered by InsideView. Both are now available in Dynamics CRM at no additional cost and can be used by anyone with a professional license*. This type of affordable, democratized social insights is set to change the game for our customers, and we’ve only just begun.
We hope you find this series valuable to your organization, and we look forward to hearing about how you deliver amazing customer experiences.