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Thursday, December 17, 2015

#Musicproduction: Photosounder updates SplineEQ to v1.2 for Mac & Win - #free demo version

Every sound you've ever heard can be represented as an image and all possible sounds can be made from an image. Only Photosounder truly allows you to transform any sound as an image and to create any possible sound from an image. It is the ultimate bridge between the graphical world and the audio world, bringing the full power of image editing to the service of creating and transforming sounds.

The Photosounder 1.9 Demo lets you use all the features of Photosounder 1.9, except the ability to export your work to a sound file (however you are allowed to save your projects to file). It also plays a short silence every twelve seconds in the place of the sound you're playing. This demo includes a few example images and sounds to get you started, as well as the full user guide detailing the use of the program.

#Musicproduction: Photosounder updates SplineEQ to v1.2 for Mac & Win - #free demo version

Report: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Linkedin

LinkedIn has products that impact every stage of your funnel. The goal of this guide is to provide the absolute best, most up-to-date, definitive guide for marketers to successfully use LinkedIn as part of their integrated approach to marketing.

This guide is a labor of love for us here at LinkedIn. We created it to be a one-stop shop for everything a marketer needs to know about getting the most value out of LinkedIn for themselves and their company. It’s not just an instruction manual, but a strategic guide with lots of input from top thought leaders and LinkedIn marketing experts combined with the expertise of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.
And it’s all about how to truly tap into the potential and power of social media marketing. That’s because social media marketing is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a necessary part of a successful integrated marketing approach for driving awareness, leads, and ultimately revenue.
We call this the guide for sophisticated marketers because we feel it’s time to take social media marketing to the next level, moving beyond theory to enlightened practice. It’s time to get real results with your social marketing, and this is the guide that will help you.


A SUV is a off-road vehicle which is not made for off-road for people who want to drive a off-road vehicle but never want to drive off-road.

SUV: Ein Geländewagen, der nicht fürs Gelände gebaut ist für Leute, die einen Geländewagen fahren wollen, jedoch nie im Gelände fahren.

Song of the day: What happened here,...

Song of the day: What happened here, I don't know http://www.vienna.cc/kunst/songs/song_what_happened_here.htm

#Photography: Photographing the Micro Landscape

When I began making pictures of the landscape, it was always the big picture that mattered. And I suppose it’s the same for most of us. It was a case of taking a few exposures and then moving on to…

#Photography: Photographing the Micro Landscape

#Photography: 3 Body Language Hacks to Improve Your Portrait Photography

I’m going to ask you to put your camera down for now. I know it’s a lot to ask, but the secret I’ve discovered to better portrait photography has, in fact, very little to do with your camera. One o…

#Photography: 3 Body Language Hacks to Improve Your Portrait Photography