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Monday, May 26, 2014

#Photoshop: Quick Tip: The Correct Way to Create Curved Text

Insignias and retro logos are popular and many of them have some sort of text along a curved path. Most people use the Text Warp tool but it ends up deforming the text. In this tutorial, you’ll learn why they look deformed and how you can properly create text along a curve without deforming the letters.

#Photoshop: Quick Tip: The Correct Way to Create Curved Text

Radio room on Queen Mary

There are many receiver, transmitter and amplifier from old times, but it is also a amateur radio base. Station RW6O.
The engineer took the photo.

Schrenz live beim Heinrich

Uriger Musikabend beim Gasthof Heinrich.
Thaliastraße 12, A-1160 Wien
Fr.  23.05.2014  19:30 Uhr
Die Rockband rund um Sänger & Texter Thomas Eisenmenger, Gitarrist Georg Schrammel, Bassist Markus Kranzler und Schlagzeuger Alex Pap laden ein in ihre Welt aus Gummi.
Eine musikalische Wiener Melange aus Rock, Blues & einer Prise Punk, die mit Wiener Mundart Texten zum Nachdenken und Mitsingen einlädt.

Schrenz geben sich die Ehre. Unplugged. Auf engstem Raum: Der Heinrich ist in einem Keller untergebracht. Gerade das macht die besondere Athmosphäre des Abends aus. Ganz so akustisch wie "unplugged" (so die E-mail-Einladung) vermuten läßt war es dann doch nicht. Synthesizer-Klänge aus dem Portable-Keyboard waren ein Zugeständnis an gewohnte Arrangements. Thomas Eisenmenger am Mikrofon gab sich leger im Bademantel und drohte sich zu entkleiden, wenn keine Spenden im Hut einlagen. Die Band kassierte ordentlich ab...

Musikalisch wurde

Think about life?

Think about life? Hmm, why should I? Just gotta live it!

#Photography: 5 Tips to Help You Slow Down and Take Better Photos

When you go out to take photos it can be tempting to start shooting right away with the goal of getting the ideal image or capturing the perfect picture. But before you get your camera out, it might be good to take the opposite approach and slow down. Way down. Let’s take a minute to consider some lessons you can learn from the age-old tale of the tortoise and the hare. Ironically, one of the most important things you can do when inspiration strikes is to move slowly like the tortoise, rather than rush along like the hare. The tortoise might not have been the quickest animal in the meadow, but he stuck it out and made it to the finish line while the hare had long since grown weary of the race and gave up altogether. As a photographer, it’s tempting to be a hare and race to photographic perfection, but if you look to the tortoise you see a much better example to follow.

#Photography: 5 Tips to Help You Slow Down and Take Better Photos