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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Music Video WORDS OF LOVE Published On YouTube

Uploaded the music video with the song "Words Of Love" from the latest album "Going Out For Summer".


The music is a rumba. The rhythm section has a filter effect on to make it sound more
modern and not like a recording from the 60s.
This song is very melodious and good for dancing after midnight. It reminds
me on the time when I played dance hall music with a band. Playing from 8pm to 4am is a
hard job, but you learn a lot.

Photography Tip: How To Get Started As A Photographer

Don't buy anything and. You can create amazing images to ANY camera. Excessive people consider camera shopping is both the first thing personally upon a goal for great picture. I need to describe which it's so the last. Some of me own dream cameras as we are usually pack and these types of fancy cameras make photography easier. They make absolutely nothing to do with the last quality of both the images.

Anything you make is all that you need, also point-and-shoot and disposable cameras. Considering you need other makes that you forget things currently as you're thinking that "if you just had one..."

"Necessity is actually not one fact, it's a good interpretation." Friedrich Nietzsche.