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Monday, May 20, 2013

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The Yellow Hour

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15 Fantastic Freckle Photos

Each day we send out a quick email to thousands of DPS readers to notify them of updates. This email is just short excerpt of the first few lines of our latest post with a link if you want to read ...


Creating Your Own Reaktor Stutter Glitch Effect - NI Reaktor Tutorials

Building an effect like this Reaktor stutter glitch unit is much easier than you’d probably expect! This effect is based upon a simple design of a Crossfade module receiving audio which is then rou...


Create a Fantasy Storybook Illustration

Good storybook illustrators know how to tap into a child’s imagination. In this Tuts+ Premium tutorial by Liran Szeiman, we will show you how to create a fantasy storybook illustration that depicts...


Awesome and Free Photoshop Brush Sets

There are heaps of great free brush sets on the web. I've gathered up my favorites. This is not an exhaustive list but everyone of them is on my computer and I've tested them. More than that, I've ...


The 3 Chords You Need to Write a Hit Song (aha, how to write a hit)
How to set up a bass amp

How to Find the Key of Any Song by Ear
Creating Your Own Reaktor Stutter Glitch Effect - NI Reaktor Tutorials
How to Get Your Music Listened To (via Email)
Designing Professional Dub Tech Bass Synths with NI Massive
The Top #Free Software Compressors

#Photography: Behind-The-Scenes Video of my Audi-R8 Shoot Using the New Priolite Strobes
#Photography: The Ultimate Photography FAQ [Podcast]
#Photography: Stockeon – a Royalty Free Stock Footage, Motion and After Effects Templates, 3D and Music marketplace
#Photography: How To Photograph Dragonflies (i always wanted to know)
#Photography: High Resolution Front Camera: Trend or Gimmick?
#Photography: Cutting Through the Cloud
#Photography: Food For Thought
#Photography: Life of Taiwan
#Photography: The Yellow Hour (nice photos)
#Photography: Sky and Sea (nice photos)
#Photography: Creativity (yes, that's what you need)
#Photography: NYC Street Photography
#Photography: Photography Is Now Antifragile
#Photography: Photo Tip – Anticipate the Critical Moment
#Photography: Camera Color Profiles
#Photography: 10 reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them)
#Photography: 30 Best Architecture Pictures of the Month April 15th to May 14th, 2013
15 Fantastic Freckle Photos
25 Paintings every photographer must study

#Photoshop: Colorists have more fun—Photoshop’s missing color tools
#Photoshop: Basic 3D Animation Setup Steps in Photoshop CS6 (a video tutorial)
#Photoshop: How to Create a Pale Golden Switch Button (everybody needs a pale golden switch button once in a lifetime)
#Photoshop: Creating Killer Faux Infrared Images
#Photoshop: Polarising filter effect
Create a Fantasy Storybook Illustration
The top 8 alternatives to PS (my favoutire: GIMP - it's #free!)
Create an Earth Shattering Disaster Scene in Photoshop
Tutorial: 10 Seconds for a Perfectly Level Horizon (but the horion is so far…)
Hidden Gem: Improved Auto Corrections - YouTube
Create a Grungy Style Text Effect Inspired by "Infamous 2" Game in PS
6 #Free Wall Textures for Your Designs
Wrapping Realistic Light Around a Composited Subject
101 Photoshop tips you have to know
Not Happy With Your Depth of Field? You Can Adjust It In Post
Creative Styling for Your Car

#SocialMedia: The Best Way To Tweet on Twitter (is this tweet perfectly optimized?)
10 fun facts about Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg - CNN.com

10 Functions of the Comma

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for):

I never run for a tramway or woman. Next will come soon. Tramway.

Must future be fate only because it starts with F too ?

This morning I awoke too soon with a dream and wondered how the story will end. Maybe I should write a poem out of this.

Listen closely: Take a break from mixing and mastering. For a good job you need a fresh ear. Give it a rest.

These days are so poetic. I feel the smell in the air in the park. But how to put a smell into my text software?

Action is what counts. I saw saw so many projects where big words were spread, but at the end of the day nothing happened.

There is a word for having aten enough: sated. But there is no word having drunk enough. What does this tell us?