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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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#Filmproduction: Quick Tip – A Few Things To Remember During Your Next Interview
#Filmproduction: How To Record Quick Voiceovers In Final Cut Pro X
#Filmproduction: Tips for Low-Budget Independent Filmmaking Success (your next band video?)
#Filmproduction: Simple solution to create a quick shot video with a photo
#Filmproduction: 6 Filmmaking Tips From The Coen Brothers
#Filmproduction: How to Chroma Key in Premiere Pro (I have a green screen in my studio, so I use Chroma key)
#Filmproduction: Video #Tutorial: How to Audition Clips in Final Cut Pro X
#Filmproduction: How to Create A Video Slideshow in Final Cut Pro X
#Filmproduction: 4 Videos for Television & Film Title Design Fanatics (Title sequences have the ability to draw a viewer into a film or television show, promote the theme of the work in a unique way and showcase innovative design techniques)
#Photography: Classical Art & Photography
#Photography: How to Setup for a Powder Photography Session
#Photography: How I Shot And Edited It – Mesa Arch At Sunrise
#Photography: How to Shoot Really Big Panoramas
#Photography: Glitter Portrait: How I Took It
#Photography: Photographer Proposes During Aurora Borealis Time-lapse Photography Sequence
#Photography: Self Portrait Photography Ideas & Tricks
#Photography: Learning to See, Part IV
#Photography: The Exposure Triangle in Photography
#Photoshop: Halftone Dots and Linear Light #Tutorial
#Photoshop: Adding Multiple Strokes in Photoshop
#Photoshop: The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns (ultimate? The mother of all collections?)
#Photoshop: Making perfect repeat patterns in photoshop
#Photoshop: Beauty in The Media: The Dangerous Side of Photoshop (uh, dark forces?)
#Photoshop: Grass Face #Tutorial ( #tutorial to experience and practice how to manipulate with 2 different images)
#Photoshop: Photo Strip (Photoshop #Tutorial)
#Photoshop: How to Create Easy Reflections in Photoshop (or Any Image Editor)
#Photoshop: Photo To Colored Dot Pattern With Photoshop (tutorial how to turn a photo into a pattern of colored dots using one of Photoshop’s filters, a layer mask and a simple repeating pattern)
#Photoshop: 25 great digital art pieces!
#Photoshop: How To Create A Striped Pattern In Photoshop Using Any Photo
#Photoshop: Dodge and Burn for Photoshop Drama
#Photoshop: How To Give Your Photos a Vintage Polaroid Effect