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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Melancholy In Dead-End Street - a poetry

Melancholy In Dead-End Street

Here I stand, clothed with humility
Harbor at the shores of tranquility
The forecast said there will be rain today
But only gray, maybe on the way
Water fills the potholes in concrete

Melancholy in dead-end street

The marguerites at the rundown stand
Go limp and let the blossoms hang
Coffee smell comes out a shop
Elevator music plays nonstop
Life here means making both ends meet
Melancholy in dead-end street

Worn-out hoary pensioners
On the stair, noone cares
Closed down rusty sliding shutter
Raindrops fall from the eaves gutter
Wall adverts with slogans obsolete
Melancholy in dead-end street

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