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Sunday, July 28, 2013

#Writing: The best 11 causes of Writer’s Prevent and how to overcome the problem

Writer’s block is actually a advancement flawless that we tend to run into period & time back. Occasionally these situations will last time or months. Beneath my condition, this was many years. Sure, I still doll around to teenage programs & created one few nice ideas, but absolutely nothing was complete and released on this time.

Unfortunately that it’s easy to be able to use writer’s block for the sake of crutch so we tend to set every unique obstacle as a such writer’s block & give up.
  • Lack of motivation?
  • Lack of ideas?
  • A unique black hole?
These definitions were true, but allowed to start calling this by true name: Panic.

This problem is somesthing you can face & handle, unlike something when impenetrable as Writer’s block. Is it a disease? No.

Here are ways to lead me to overcome Writer’s block & such ways to get out that.

Preventing simplicity

A huge problem many people have is that they are searching too much to charm themselves & their critics. Every idea they generate turns out too obvious or simple or both.

Keep in mind that you write a song, but not only a riff. Remember, a good song has a simple basis. When you let go of your own ego & just write some little chords and you’ll feel like more difficult ideas coming out of you as you perform those simple chords.

Complex results are always based on simplistic thinking, so try to start simple & bring variations until you hear something fascinating. If you get better ideas later, you can trash your simple ideas later. Usually, the simple ideas that will give the song it’s basis.

Be also aware of the risk of over complicating. Start with some thing simple. Then do variations until you find something interesting. If this doesn’t lead into some thing that you love, don't matter.

Avoiding sucking

Very important. Anyone is "at risk" to suck but nobody wants to be a "standard" songwriter. We all want to be genius writer. This can cost you quite a long. During this you loose, you get rusty. The longer you suck, the harder it is get (back) on the right creative track. Be aware of the risk of sucking. If you cannot feel the genius moment, create just create something that sucks just for fun and laugh about it. Isn't that a cool way for genius just to let it go, just to let it flow, just for fun?

Why being afraid of sucking? Wasn't everything you are good in connected with a bad start? Probably. Every genius created trash that sucks. Don’t care about it. You have to select the best ideas for your project, your song. Never stop creating ideas only because you are to suck. Anytime you step out of a comfort, feel a fear of sucking. Better be aware now than lean back and wait on a big moment coming later.


This is very important these days. We create not only for ourselves, but or others, for reaction, feedback, likes and dislikes (unfortunately not possible in Facebook). That's why we are on this road...

Take as an example a smart posting on Facebook for nothing more but a “like”. This feedback will come as a reward to you as you write music. I think you want to know if your work is good or bad.

Feedback come from friends and foes (jealous musicians, ex-bandmates,...), bandmates and family. Keep in mind that your family likely will give you positive feedback. Isn't it good to get feedback if you are unsure. I always tried to get feedback. And I never deleted negative feedback - it is an opinion. Everybody should read and get an own opinion. I was offended, even a anti-ViennaCC-song was published by a band. But I got a pretty smart list of all my weaknesses. Thanks for that.

Dislikes and bad comments can hurt. To rely on other people will hinder you from finding your own and unique style. But isn't that what you should work out, a unique way, your own way?

Believe in you

Sure, untalented people should give up, but if you reached a level where you already wrote songs and play an instrument you obviously have talent. Believe in it! Nobody gets ideas and inspirations if he believes that only a great artist can make it - and you are not a great artist and will never be. When I was young my parents always told me: You will not make it, you will never achieve something. The result: I always was at the dead end at school, just passing exams only with the worst possible (but positive) mark, fulfilling the prediction.

Overcome these negative moments and believe in you.

Social Media

Simple message: be thankful for every feedback and learn from it.

Be aware that it is so easy to get feedback - pro or con - this way that real creative work is moving in the back of your focus. The best way is to combine creativity & social media by announcing your goals & showing up (tweet, post) your progress to your followers and friends and to let them hear parts of your work. This can be outlets, rehearsals, demo mixes,...

It is a good concept to have partnerships with other people who are interested in music or are musicians (isn't every musicfan a musician anyway?) who like the same genre or a similar one. These are the” people to give you feedback on an work. Possibly...

Sign up at Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com) and youtube and post private links to these people to get constructive & honest feedback. You can also run a separate page on your Facebook or Google+ dedicated to your music. If you are on these sites, you might build a support team.

Brand yourself as an artist accordingly people commit surmise activity from you. This should help split the pattern of instant gratification. And never forget that you are the driver in your car. You may ask for advice for directions, but never give the steering wheel out of hands.


Tutorials may be taboo for a guy who makes tutorials to insert this in one of his blogs, but I accredit it’s important to realize that tutorials separate aren’t likely to build your songwriting confidence. In fact, if you aren’t putting what you learn these days to use, these tutorials will not bring much to you. If you only consume information & dont use it, you’ll lose the motivation to write. Wherefore you’ll become agitated to write. Well, that’s writer’s block.

Sometimes watching writers above your ability can inspire you, but also it can put you to a feeling being unqualified & unprepared to write a song.

Don’t fall into this hole. Put on a Rolling Stones album & revamp your confidence by making something within your (current) skills.

Albums made by less talented musicians are very interesting, because I can hear that fear in the music of not being wicked to fully express themselves. If somebody writes critically that affects a band so much that they hardly find the words, that is powerful. I received such comments to my music. Thank you!

That does not mean you should lower your level and standards. Instead accept that the genius is not in the complexity of things in his brain. It’s in taking simplicity from a different angle & take these simple ideas to build something new, something exciting.

Too many choices

This is something I be versed all too well about. When I played guitar in a band, life was easy. I take my guitar, my amp, my amp settings & a some guitar effects. I only had to fit into the band sound and feel. I had not more than 5 - 10 settings I used to play with. This made it really easy for me to focus on writing.

When I started using drum machines, samplers & synths, all the options and sounds were fascinating, but it took hours to work out a sound palette. By the case I got ideas laid down, I had already forgotten the original inspiration, now with all these uninspired sounds.

I am not blaming the choices. I am blaming myself for not having the foresight to have my own sound & get a few patches that sounds fit to me.

Take the time to create some powerful patches, sounds, drumkits, etc. These are patches that already sound good and will inspire you. These should be the first sounds you take when you start a new way to go. A guitar or keyboard is also great to begin. This way you can bang out foremost that sounds good when ideas and inspirations come to you.

If you want to overcome your writers block, have good sounds at hand at any time or your favorite instrument at reach. Example: Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode / Yaz / Erasure) starts all of his songs on guitar. He saves all the noodling on synths until he knows that he got a songidea worth to work out to a song.

Failures in the past

You may write a song and be enthusiastic, but the reactions you get are less than exciting. After working hard on the song, you have no kick anomore to continue working on music & so you get a writer’s block.

Realize that every creative produces things that are not up to par.

Another point is that your friends rarely are as excited as you. Sometimes they don't like your style. If you do not copy another artist, it will be hard to succeed. Listeners usually like the sound they are familiar to, so if you’re getting a lot of cheer from people how are close friends, be cautious. Possibly you are not very original.

If a person is not in your stuff, constructive criticism comes quite late.

What is great on constructive (or critical) criticism? When you find yourself in a situation where you defend your song, consider to think over your work.

Only people who challenge the work will put you in the situation to defend it. Likely you will discover the parts you are most proud of because the criticism won’t bother you. And what about the rest? Do you feel good with it?

Should you publish something that is below standard because no one challenged your work? Engineers even tell major musicians “maybe that's too much of this, that would be better”.

To have past failures doesn’t mean that your work sucks, it means you haven’t written enough music. Take criticism as quality check. It's not about perfection here, we are pertinent to lift it up to a higher quality standard. Finally perfection does not mean sounding good anyway. Think of perfect quantizing, quantizing 100%. It means that life is blown out of your music. Only exception is when you produce computer music, what should sound cold and machine-like. Imperfection brings life to your music.

Successes in the past

After having success with your music you may tend to ask what you did good to repeat it, meaning to copy it. Then fear comes up. Before start writing you fear to write worse, you cannot continue the success. The result is writer's block.

It is a hard lesson to learn and to get back in track not copying yourself.

When you are successful with your music, find out what you did well (easy written, but hard job) and move on, do something new. Don’t lean back too long enjoying success and become a lazy bone, smugly self-confident, not able to move. Try to ignore the kick you receive from success & keep making music as if you are unknown, just for having fun.

Professional bands made great albums but later they were defined by only one single hit song. The socalled one-hit-wonders. Or let's call that daytripper.

Don’t stop writing song, don’t long for comforte zone. That's your creativity's end.


So countless musicians look for a shortcut, the fast avenue to revenue. One, only one hit that will change everything. Instead of listening to their own intuition they checkout charts, radio, tv to find out what the crowd wants.

The problem is that you try to jump up on popular trends, on a moving train. When you finish your perfect trend-x album, the trend is over-saturated & played out. Now you only can trash your album and try to find another trend to jump on. But is this really you?

With trendhunting you will never create your own sound. Is your goal really to copy a sound making song that sound like other people's songs only to impress your friends?

How to overcome this problem - pronto

Create a work you relish and your friends won’t. Don’t purposely create something that sucks, just take an influence of yours that is less hip and popular. The question is not what other would do, but what you would do. Possibly not our best work now, but it liberates you. Free your mind! At the end your friends may like it too.

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